Tuesday, 24 July 2012

To step foot...

Miro sculpture, Barcelona
...in another place, another world, another time is my great pleasure in life. I like to see new places and meet new people and smell new scents. My strongest memories are stepping of the plane in Bali and walking into the wall of humidity and the sweet scent of lush  vegetation; or lying on a boat in the Coral Sea at night watching the orange moon rising out of the ocean; or closer to home the blustery wind on the Solway Firth taking my breath away as I walk along the shore.

I love to travel, to explore, to discover. That is what this blog will be about.  When I step foot in a new place and experience something new I will write about it here. That won't happen every day as I have to work, do the school run and look after my garden & allotment.

In the meantime here are some photographs of places I've been so far.

Dhow on the reef, Zanzibar

Masai Mara Men, Tanzania
Big Ben and London Eye,  London

West pier, Brighton

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